Small Business Accounting Software: QuickBooks Add-ons

Why QuickBooks Add-ons?

      QuickBooks add-ons are not just for accountants. They are fast and easy ways you can do better with less work. Best-of-breed programs connect in your fast and easy business management system. You will soon automate schedules, connections and records with airlines, banks, brokers, cars, customers, entertainers, friends, government, news, schools, suppliers & more! 

NEVER ENTER DATA TWICE(much less repeatedly in countless inconsistent programs and on paper). You will soon practically Never Enter Data AT ALL, as customers, suppliers and countless new partners and friends work together to vastly improve your accuracy and speed, doing much of your old work for you. Why will strangers help you with this?

We all will help. It will be the fastest and easiest way to enjoy making more money!  

 Mike Block, a Fort Lauderdale C.P.A., began preaching QuickBooks Add-ons in a 1998 QB 6 beta test forum, while winning one of his two #1 QB Top Tester awards. Many of his 6,000+ newsgroup posts and countless emails to Intuit managers followed had the most QB Add-ons until took over..

In February 2001, when Mike had already had 75+ QuickBooks Add-ons, Intuit made this its  #1 top priority. At the exciting November, 2002 Intuit Developer Conference, where  we updated this, we heard about 11,000 registered developers. Now our add-ons are top priority at Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Sun, the federal Securities and Exchange Commission and many others.

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